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Saturday, March 21, 2009

City Girl Ways - Country Livin' Ways

Picture: "I didn't do it, the cat did" and what exactly did I roll in?
Here I am. In the local credit union waiting for the folks who work there to figure out an answer to a question I had. A fellow walks in. Up to the bank teller. Round belly, boisterous voice. "I wanna make a deposit" ( I swear I was not purposely eavesdropping, he was 10 feet away and his voice Boomed) He goes on: I want to put $400 into checking, $400 cash and the rest into my savings. So that would be $582 into savings.
The ol' city girl part of me is flipping out. Shhhh. Omigod, hush about your money amounts! Someone will wait right outside the bank and bonk you on the head and take your $400 bucks... shhhhhh.... shhhhh. Don't say that stuff out loud, whisper, lean over to the teller or write it out on a piece of paper, keep the bank quiet like a library without kids... shhhhhh!
The old old OLD part of me that remembers a quiet community rural life says "Yeehaw, I am home." Where trust is high, talking loud in a bank is maybe unconventional, but not dangerous, kids running around in mud is fine, and we are not all overscheduled and driving like maniacs. Now I just need to find that bumper sticker I remember an old timer had on his car... "I may be slow, but I am ahead of you!"
(No comments about my previous post about getting pulled over for going over the speed limit. Change takes time, and my cars go best about 5-9 miles over the speed limit. UNless it is a school zone or neighborhood, then I am exactly ON)
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