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Saturday, August 8, 2009

House - Linden Tree trimmin'

There is a monster tree outside my side door. (See the thing looming over the house?) My ma said it is a Linden tree, very old. About a month ago it bloomed and was filled FILLED with honeybees. Love those busy little...
The tree now has a branch leaning on my roof, so last week I called tree trimmers for a quote. The first came in at $1150.00. For one branch to be taken off. In their defense, it is a large branch, and the tree towers over my two story house so they wanted to use a boom truck.
The second quote came in at $450. When I was quiet on the phone, shocked and wondering why there was such a difference in pricing, the tree trimmer said... "Ok, how about $400 and I will do it tomorrow?" Such are my pushy negotiating skills. I sit in shocked silence and the price goes down. Guess who I am hiring?

Apples galore

What on Earth. Horse nose. With apple juice dripping everyone. Disgusting, huh?

The apple trees are heavy with fruit. It seems my favorite ones for eating are producing less this year, but the blasted golden delicious are overloaded. Another week of canning applesauce and whatever else strikes me. The thing you have to be careful about, is when they are this loaded, and you go out to pick up the fallen great apples, the tree bombs you with more fallen apples, and they can hurt! I feel like I am doing stealth apple picking.
Bad horse owner note: This horse is basically running loose on my property when I am home. He is so giddy about the apples that I just let him jog over to the tree and munch down. He is also a love, and getting a smooch from Wilder.
A sidebar. The bathtub I picked up at a remodeled house to use as a horse waterer is going to a haunted house this October. Rose and I were kidding that we wanted to go just to see our old bathtub. (We are both heavy chickens about going through haunted house-like things)
I figured the horses deserve a real stock waterer. They already have a bathtub to slurp from.
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