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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Electrical work done!

Two stories.

1. Olympic Wiring in Silverdale is absolutely fantastic. They did such an excellent job giving me a new panel and moving the service, and rewiring the main floor so it does not blow if I talk on the phone and turn on a light... plus did it within budget. The cranky cranky inspector who called them on things that I Did Not Even Hire Them To Do and wandered over to my new furnace to write it up for non-compliance (it was bogus, it was compliant) even said "They did a good job for you." Thanks to electrician Mike, who grew up in my neighborhood and remembered delivering the paper to my place when it was the big monster farm (not my three acres... more in the 180 acre range) I was sick while he was doing it, so he got no perks of coffee, goodies or pop. I did not want to infect the man with our tarnished germy foodstuffs.

2. I have started a three day process of changing a light fixture. Ah yes, you savvy do-ityourselfers may scoff at my longterm projects that take most people a couple hours (or hey, a few minutes) But before you go into full "full-of-yourself" mode, keep in mind what I am surrounded by. A) The fixture is on the second floor. Half of that area is still knob and tube. (I have not yet ventured into that costly update of electrical...) B) The fixture was managed by the previous owners. Cursed god-fearin' really really cheap and not very bright (I am guessing that last part--it could be that they were so god-fearin' that their ineptness at repair was because they prayed and had faith that god would take care of them, no matter what cheap crap they installed with what crappy methods and dangerous open wires BUT I DIGRESS) The fixture blew both it's lightbulbs out of their socket. Like, turn on the light, an explosion occurs, you are surrounded by a blue light and then darkness. Quite exciting, completely electrically nightmarish.
C) I have ceiling board over tongue and groove unblemished wood so had to go to Home Despot where Jim the electrician showed me how to install the "container" that the wiring goes in while in the ceiling. Maybe the correct term is "box" but it is a short squat tube shape, bright blue, so box just doesn't cut it for me. Anyway. Turns out I have the wrong box, and so he sells me a new one. wilder is all excited because I am taking him up into the attic to drill the new hole through the ceiling. (When he went to bed last night, he had me close the attic door that is in the bathroom... not wanting to risk any attic escapees, sometimes called Monsters) Funny how they can be so mature, and so kid at the same time. (I am fairly sure if the attic access was in my room I would close it at night, too)

Home Update

Wellllll. I am alive, but not totally healthy. Figured out I got (actually the doctor figured it out) that I had a sinus infection. Those puppies take a long time to get rid of.
Have been wiping myself out. I felt so fantastic about two weeks ago that I ordered three tons of hay, cleaned out my garage, and worked on the (previously) flooded basement. The result was that I was sick for two more days, and then one month later not totally recovered.
Don came over and helped me dismantle the bathroom. I bribed him, I mean rewarded him with lunch at one of my fave places... which now I can't think of the name. Bavarian food with a great second story porch that looks over downtown Poulsbo. Also, the place that sheltered Wilder and I when I locked myself out of my car and house on a cold blustery night before he had his dreaded 4th grade WASL test last year.
Will add all sorts of dramatic pictures soon. (Dramatic to me, probably fairly uninteresting unglamorous shots of ripped out fixtures and flooring to you all. Ohhh, and rotten mystery slime around the toilet... that is a good one)
Stay healthy everyone!!!!
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