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Monday, January 3, 2011

The bathroom ceiling

What is this you ask? Our bathroom ceiling, in one corner. Originally, we were not going to take out all the drywall, just what the plumber and electrician needed access to. Once Javier came on board the project, however, he said it would be near impossible to match the new drywall to the old and make it look good. Plus, who knew what was hiding behind that drywall? We found one live electrical wire, nestled tightly in a tiny channel carved from the drywall, and going nowhere, with no cap on the end, and covered by the (1970's) metal medicine cabinet... and this. Ya know what this is? It is where they put a vent through the roof and DID NOT SEAL it in any way, shape or form. This is the absolute rot that occurred over what must have been many seasons. And that rot extended to two main cross beams. Javier told me the white stuff was a root system from when our roof was cedar. As in, the roof was so far gone in this area, there were plants/trees extending their roots from the bathroom ceiling. I am sure said previous owner was shocked to note this condition, and so.... what did they do??? To make it all better, they fixed the unsealed roof leak, probably cut down their way trendy roof garden, and slapped a coat of paint over all this rot. I will have to remember that fix. Have rot anywhere? Smooth it out with some goo, and paint it.

As usual, we fixed it. This was a very tight area, so we ended up sistering a ceiling support and tearing out all the rot. We were also able to see and laugh heartily at the octopus system that is the upstairs bathroom drain plumbing. Who knew houses were soooo funny. I really am having fun, regardless of my tone in this post. The plumber comes back to finish Wednesday. Yay!
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