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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kids - Stealing Cheese Crackers

Wilder came home very upset the other day. He told me a new classmate had stolen his cheese crackers that he packed for snack that morning. These are not just basic cheese crackers, my son would DIE for these. They are Cheez-its Duoz-- cheddar and parmesan and he loves cheese. Anything cheese. If I want him to eat something I just put cheese on it. Anyway, he plopped in the car after school ferocious and grumpy. Like he saved it for me! the affront would have happened about 6 hours before I picked him up. Lucky ma, am I, that he saves his grumps for me. We talked a bit, and I asked why he thought this young fella was the guilty one. He said it was because he was "mean. " Knowing that it has taken Wilder a good three months to get a playdate goin' this is not a particularly outgoing school. This new boy has only been present a week and may not have any friends yet. Wilder assured me that he did, and, that he himself was one of them! (Boys~~) I mentioned that sometimes kids are "mean" to defend themselves... if they are unsure, or fearful, or maybe that is all they saw modeled at home.
Wilder came home today and said that he asked this new boy why he was mean. The fellow answered that the kids here were very mean to him. And then he told Wilder that he moved here from California and is in foster care.
There are many reasons that people are unreasonable, rude, or 'mean'. They may just be unreasonable, rude and mean people, or there may be a reason that is not readily apparent.
Sometimes it pays to extend that graciousness to those that you misunderstand.

Neighborliness (Neighborly-ness?)

The youth and I live in an old homestead. 1904-built former orchard and dairy farmhouse. Sometime in the 80's, that property was subdivided into 3 acre lots and sold. In the past 10 years houses have sprouted on those pieces, and folks have moved in. Now, this is just from me reading the plat maps and looking at the tax records. I have not seen it happen, we have only been here 5 months. But that is long enough to become immersed in the neighborhood psyche. Most women here are stay-at-home, and if they are not, the fella definitely runs the roost. Here I am, tall woman who still has her job in the big city moving in without a man by my side. I had forgotten the subtle threat that can be. The men only talk to me when their women are not around, or would truly prefer that they had a male in my house to be able to talk things over with. A gal pal and I would tease that I should wear a t-shirt... I Don't Like Married Men, or So Not Interested in Your Husband to put it out there. It is a small community, and most have not ever come over to say hi. Me being a big blab-head have made a point to say hi to everyone, and I have been over to their places. Hell, in our big city house we got a welcome basket from the neighbors. But I digress. There are three neighbors that are gold, and I have called on in emergencies, but a couple have let me know that they hoped I would take care of the neighborhood troublemaker dogs, being that I have horses and chickens. Because they all LIKE these folks, and since I am new they can throw me under the bus.
And yesterday, I went there. Right under that bus.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Click here!! Someone else's story I have been sharing with everyone who will listen

Or, if you have not heard it yet, it is because "I Never Tell You Anything". Read this, and see if you can keep a straight face. And, as I shared this with my urchins, they realized I am not the only "really weird" mom out there. Yay for me! Click on my blog title...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nuclear Submarine Base Auction

Mae and I ventured onto the Bangor Submarine base this weekend. For those of you NW news readers... we were not "hiding in the trunk of anyone's car"... my son's school fundraising auction was on base. I was thinkin' that this may not have made the auction a very 'inclusive' event, since not everyone would feel comfortable giving all their home and license information to the auction committee so that they could be admitted on the base.
I was pretty sure this was my only opportunity to see what was behind the razor fencing and bomb barriers. Did you know they have their own McDonald's? And mini-malls? And nightclub/bars? It is like a little city! The auction was fine. It is hard getting used to the lack of parent involvement in everyday school life at this place... as in, I go to the school at least 3 days a week, and only recognized about 9 people at the auction. These parents are not at the school. Our old school I visually knew everyone. The hallways always had parents walking up and down, volunteering all over the place. Another adjustment for me. "Stay out of our children's education" HAHAHAHA. Not really going to happen, from this gal. I bid on the fundraiser items for the school-- and tried to win the "4 young Navy men for 4 hours" donated by the commander of one of the subs..figuring they would be quick at digging out the barn, setting my new fence posts, and leveling the arena (area)...but the bidding went over my limit! Afterwards, we decided to go out. The night was young, we didn't have our kids to get home to, the horses were fed. Headed out to old Silverdale. New Silverdale is basically one big strip mall, all built on farmland in the past 30 years. Old Silverdale has leaning buildings and a strange mixed-use feel to it. We parked behind the restaurant/bar with the flashing lights and boom, boom of music. Walked up to the front door and heard they were playing "pass the duchy on the left hand side", realized we could have given birth to the clientele (age-wise) and walked across the street to the tilting, leaning late 1800's with the rusty fella's smokin' out front. Walked in, past the pool table and the people leaning on the bar. The three person band was playing my fave song from Stevie Ray Vaughn (Vaughan?) so we plopped down in our heels and fancy jackets and had a beer.
The folks were friendly, the music dandy, and the pool table was not crowded --that is all I need for a good night! After drinking my usual 1/2 beer, we went for dessert, talked fine cheese, and got up too early the next day for work.
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