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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heaven in a House Organizer

Being that I have lately been occupied otherwise, I am ashamed to say housecleaning has not been high on my priority list. Bills, paperwork, kid school papers, books, clean laundry and dustbunnies seem to be breeding and laying themselves about the house. So I found Victoria. Blessed, blessed Victoria. Through Craigslist, there was a listing for housecleaner and professional organizer. What?? Those sounded like mad skills that I needed to borrow so I gave her a call. A petite, energetic, professional woman came to talk with me about what I needed done and leave me references. I hired her the next day. OMIGOD my house is lovely. She blazed through My Whole House upstairs and down in three days. Cupboards, kid rooms, kitchen I swear it has not looked like this since we moved in. We are tackling my basement and garage next. NEVER have I been this excited to clean. Rose said Victoria should start a religion and be a god so people could openly worship her.... I said if she were a man I would fall in love. And I adore my house again. Which I already did, but I love it MORE.
Stroke news, PT and OT are a blast. Some first diagnosis are my brain has lost the ability to allow communication between my left hip and torso making me walk uneven, and "one of the many doors" of language processing has died. I have very high function things gone, so it is not obvious I had a stroke. Like that lame-o sentence "high function things" I can't think what PT Megan called it but hopefully you get the gist. Example: I can call out car colors when they drive by... but if Megan and I are on a trampoline, and she is jumping, and I am also playing a Bop-It then I try to call out the colors of cars... HA! Gone, empty, a void. My brain can't do it with all the other things. Being a lover of information, I find all this fascinating. I am sure it is also "fun" because everyone says I will make a full recovery. My minor deficiencies are so exhausting to work on, and my brain actually tells me it doesn't have to do it when it gets too hard (I ignore it and push on.) When it gets hard is when my brain is relearning and making new paths. I cannot fathom the great strength it takes if one has major debilitation. I shall send them a prayer, since I received many from people I have not met.
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