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Friday, March 29, 2013


Lush. Wet. Sunny. Tropical. So laid back we all feel like we took a big huge chill pill and have no worries. The fish is wonderful, so many types and we have an avocado tree outside our door. These pics are the view from our house. I have been taking better images with my regular camera but have no way to upload them here.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring break with the kids.

This week I am taking the kids to Kauai.  I have never vacationed in a tropical place (generally I piss and moan if it gets above 78`), we usually go no further than Seattle or Oregon for vacation but this year I thought -- what the heck!
Rose is almost graduating, I am somewhat bucket-listing my life of late, and endless years of endless friends going and loving it have taken their toll. I bought the tickets, rented the vacation house and the mid-size Ford. 
I will post pics.  Supposedly, according to my son, we are zip-lining.  That means I will be laughing and screaming in terror and probably need to be wearing some sort of urinary accident protection.  Too much information?     I won't share pictures of my tonsils as I scream.  
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