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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Children and 'Hicksville"

It is official. We moved out of Seattle to 'the country'... (we all know I laugh at that term since I am 5 minutes from starbucks and home despot....) and my daughter is telling her old Seattle buddies that she needs to get outta this hick town. Hick town? Really? I am worried about this school she is in. I was thinking it would make her a well-rounded adult, accepting of pretty much anything since she has dealt in her short life with folks that are not really like us: extreme liberalism, extreme wealth, extreme conservatives, and now extreme I don't know what to call this. There is the positive side, that kinda low key friendly attitude that can pervade a small town, but the negative side is different than what I grew up with (oh shall I say) 30 years ago in a rural environment?? We were gentle, they are a rough group, full of swearing and fighting.
I think the world changed rapidly and somehow I was left way way behind wearing my rose-colored glasses. Where are those damn things, anyway?
On an interesting side, my favorite jehovah's witness Poppy stopped in this week, giving me a big book on the life of Jesus. She has said she can't quite figure me out, but I have nice kids.
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