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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fencing options and craigslist

Good lord have I loved enough on Craigslist? Case in point. Bathroom: Bought a load (about 25 pieces) of Restoration Hardware fixtures for $180. Did my 'new' bathroom fully with them, and sold the extras back on craigslist for $215. Worked out that I got all my bathroom fixtures (retail value $1400) for free! Horse fencing: My first quote to replace the fence was $10K for 700 feet of fencing. Since that seemed like way too much money... I decided to do it myself. Went and picked up the fencing (five rolls of 120lb fencing) and then realized there is no way in hell I can lift these puppies and pull them tight. Got another fence quote - $9000. Still crazy overpriced. Next fence quote - $2000 with $1400 dismantle cost of the old fence. Called some different licensed fellows who quoted $150 to take the fence out. Posted the whole lot of old fencing on craigslist.... and have someone coming this morning who will take it all down and haul it away for free to reuse it to contain their sheep. The power of craigslist is great.
Curious? See the finished fence project here....

Monday, April 4, 2011

The season of driving

My son has started baseball season. Rose is doing piano and art, and finishing up drivers education. That means every flipping day except for Wednesdays.... I am in the car with one or two kids taking them somewhere in the 4:30- 7:30 range. It is not as bad as Seattle, since there is no traffic to sit in, and stoplights I can count on one hand. It is just a lot of driving. I want my car to last to 200,000 miles before it is replaced, so am keeping an eye on the accumulating miles.
This commuting blows the sit down dinner to hell. Unless we go out to dinner, and that plays havoc with Dave Ramsey's envelope budgeting system (since I am still working out the kinks within our monthly budget.) An upside is there is driving bonding/talking/sharing from the kids trapped in the car with me....
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