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Friday, November 13, 2009

Old House - New Owners

Just got an email from the new owners of our Seattle house. They sound happy, which makes me happy. I was worried they were gonna tear the house down, NOT that it is a prime example of post-war architecture in the Seattle area, just because it is a solid house made out of real wood with glass door knobs. Although I never loved that house, it made us a great home for 11 years, and I patted it on the wall and murmured thank you as I left for the last time. Well, unless you count the time I broke into our old house before they moved in because... is this a 'me' thing or what.... I left my purse in the house. The whole house is empty and hollow and echo-ey... and I leave my purse right on the counter, and lock the doors leaving them the keys to the doors sitting next to my purse.

Horse hospital

Bey has taken a trailer ride to the lush plush cold horse hospital where he had something stuck in every orifice, poked with drugs and is now hooked up to an IV. Somewhat of a crack-up, I did not know horses could go IV'ing. They just attach it to his neck and 4 giant bags are hanging above his stall, he can walk around hooked up to fluids. All because of a bellyache. This is hard to explain to non-horse folks, but horse-gal friend said it best : "It is like when a baby colics, except imagine the baby dying from a stomacheache." Horses have a whole lotta intestines, and all sorts of things can do wrong in those tubes. Bey is our aloof horse. Meaning he does not come over for love or just to visit, he comes over for food. When he is not feeling well, he is an entirely different beast. He rested his (what felt like) 400 lb. head on my folded arm with his muzzle smooshed into my sleeve. He always watched where I was when he was being prodded and poked, and whinnied when I left. I am such a sucker. Hope Rose doesn't read this posting, since she is the same way as a teenager, and she could learn one more way to manipulate her motherly. Cost of horse repair? Price of a mortgage payment. Those of us who pay $200+ to rescue feeder mice and child-loved rats can understand. Damn animals anyway.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Photo: Port Gamble

I think I type on here when I am procrastinating. And I am procrastinating.

Today action list. I write these every once in a while so when I am feeling like I am not getting anything done, I can review, and then remember I do get stuff done and to give myself a ripping break.

1. Picked up horse blanket.

2. Dropped off check to bank.

3. Bought new flour and yeast for sourdough making.

4. Pet cat.

5. Called vet for Bey (horse) who tried to colic.

6. Pet dog.

7. Checked on new guinea pig, Flambe.

8. Walked Bey.

9. Blanketed Bey.

10. Warmed water for Bey.

11. Bribed Bey to eat medicine with horse cookies. It did not work.

12. Yelled at Rose for thinking a "c" grade is just fine since it is average. (Don't talk to me about this, I am having be perfect/ be imperfect mother/daughter issues and realize it)

13. Yelled at Wilder for somethingerother. Probably having to do with his homework.

14. Quabbled about my flood bill with the water sucker-upper company. I am doing amazingly well with my terminology this evening.

15. Paid bills.

16. Swept leaves. Dumped 7 loads onto the compost, and still have more leaves. Damn big trees.
17. Plugged generator charger into outlet. 'Tis the season for power outages.

18. Bought things Glittergirl asked me to for her.

19. Had a phone meeting on Non-Profit Facilities while sitting in my car on the side of the road.
20. Caulked windows on south side with nasty toxic smelling clear caulk.

21. Frowned.

Usually these lists make me feel better, this one did not. Criminy, is it the weather? I am a huge grump today.

I think I hear a pirate ship of legos rolling across the floor upstairs. I need to go make someone walk the plank back to bed. Pray for their 10 year old boy soul, will ya?

House - In case anyone was wondering

There are a couple construction-reconstruction-restoration blogs I like to visit. They make me feel like I got teensy, wee, simple little problems over here... since they tackle giant jobs like : move walls, dig drain lines, realign foundations, yadee yada. When I post this picture, you will see the level of my talents. For my defense, I will say I was waiting for the vet because Bey is trying to colic, and so only grabbed things nearby to create this glorious repair AND it now is upright as opposed to broken. My restoration bloggers would have a beautiful right-angled, secure, isometrically balanced finished project. Mine is, well, mine is holding rotten wood with screws. Which is no small feat. Rotten wood does not like holding onto anything. Just let me bask in my puddle of brownish glory, okay?
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