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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Health Care : something you should know

Did you know that every one of those politicians voting for or against health care get health care for the rest of their life by virtue of their elected office? Seems like a bit-o-hypocrisy going on. And they don't even have to be workin' to receive that benefit.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bubba and the Big Manure Haul

So at some point in the past gal pal and I dug and built the barn back into shape. Well, when I got sick this winter I let things slllliiiiiidddddeeeeee and the barn was not scooped out religiously as I had been doing it.
And, that *&%t builds up. And up. So I posted a piece of paper at the local feed store for someone to come out and shovel those stalls and move it to the compost bin. And that is when Bubba called. He called 14 year-old Rose "ma'am" on the phone and that tickled her. He has a new baby, no further than an 8th grade education due to dyslexia and is a rodeo man and horse trainer.
I actually thought he had somehow hit cement he shoveled that barn so smooth. (I have never seen it like that) AND the man never broke a sweat. Makes me feel old. I break a sweat just looking at the manure fork and wheelbarrow. Love the cleaned out barn, however! He even swept my porch. Wow.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

House - Knob and Tube Wiring

Is this really happening, do I get to delete something from my house repair to-do list? Why yes, yes I do.
We have a light that I wrote about that we supposedly repaired. Well, we didn't. It still shot the bulbs out of the socket like little glass jets. I had it with whatever electrical mess was going on upstairs and had money in the savings account so called the handy dandy electrician. My kids sleep up there, and I am not fretting about possible snafus in the wiring system that could be dangerous. The electrical co. is the same who rewired the main part of the house and put in a new electrical box. When I talked to the 'bidder guy' who comes out to quote a job, he told me that they just did a house like ours with knob and tube and it was $8K. That is NOT how much I had in the savings account. So we talked a bit, and he said he could send my original two electricians out, Greg and Jim for $700 a day and they could figure out what was going on. Greg and Jim came out yesterday and when they were leaving at 3:30 they said "We replaced all the knob and tube and questionable outlets and fixtures." So the price to upgrade the upstairs went from $8000 to $700. I gave them cheesecake and a loaf of fresh bread. I think that worked out in my favor.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Health - Aging Woman - Vitamin D, iron, high blood pressure

This is the real post I meant to type, but I got sidetracked by botox thoughts (looks.)
OK, this is girl stuff to give a survey view of health as I age.
1. Approaching menopause. Seem to not have any iron or Vitamin D in my body.
2. Doctor prescribes hormone.
3. Hormone makes me have rockets of insanity and black anger clouds of mother mood.
4. Doc takes me off hormone. Due to - as she writes in her notes - "mood instability" HAHAHA
5. Still missing crucial elements in blood of iron, vitamin D, calcium.
6. Doc prescribes "menopause drug"
7. Feel calmer, can sleep at night and my ten years of ecxema disappear!
8. Still missing iron D calcium.
9. Doctor adds lower dose progesterone only hormone to my routine.
10. Blood pressure skyrockets 192/132 the next day.
11. Blood pressure barely comes down for a week.
12. Doctor prescribes a hypertension Ace inhibitor drug.
13. I am 45.
14. When I picked up the prescription, I told the pharmacist the other two drugs I was on and he said both those can cause blood pressure to go up.
15. Not impressed with medical solution of layering on medications to deal with the symptoms of the previous drugs side effects.
16. Getting my mom, former librarian, to figure out the solution to all this medical inadequacy.
17. Ask me in 6 months, I will probably be off of all this crap. My normal BP is 122/80 or 72. This is ridiculous. I will not be one of those ladies when I am 80 who is on so many medicines they can't keep track... and half the drugs are to counter side effects from other drugs. Drugs people, are not the first thing to go to, they should be the last.

Botox leads to Neanderthal forehead

I don't mind looking older and get a kick out of all the products on the drugstore shelves that promise to "bring back a younger you." HA. I actually like the worn in laugh lines and the cranky furrowed thing between my eyebrows. It shows that a) I laugh alot and b) I frown alot. I think the frown thing is a vanity since I am supposed to wear glasses and I have taken up squinting instead. (Like right now, I am somewhat squinting at the screen) And, geez, I have a 10 year old and a 14 year old... if I did not have a frown line how would I ever influence them with my steely-eyed mother squint? ??
Since I feel way younger than I look... and I act way younger than I should... I like the veneer of maturity my aged skin and body lets me wear. You can't stop aging, you can't stop death. It really freaks me out to see the neanderthal forehead men and women are willing to wear for the privilege of botox shots. Have y'all noticed your head gets all poochy in the brow region? Not a good look. But again, this is ONLY MY OPINION. Whatever makes you feel outstanding is well worth it. We have too many low self esteem people out there. Do what works for ya! Just don't expect me not to silently think to myself "Neanderthal" when you walk by. Here is a gal that has to squinch her face to get the lines to show she is so toxicized...
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