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Monday, January 9, 2012

I wish a Javier for all of you...

Pic: My chicken coop- before it got the face and foundation lift--and before it got a new fence. 
My coop. My sad lovely little chicken coop.  Made from milled on-site lumber... a 2x4 is really 2" by 4".  Javier said it would be cheaper to fix this one than build anew.  And now, looking at what he has done... I agree.  If Javier ever retires, I am going to sell my house, since I will not be able to do all the funky maintenance that it seems to require!  I am just kidding, but truthfully, to find an honest, reliable, no BS, tells you when he doesn't know something, inexpensive handyman is a dream.  Can you believe someone used to live it this little house?  It's foundation is a thin rim of bricks that are shattered and broken, the wood floor (still solid) now resting on dirt. The windows are haphazardly cut through rotten siding, and three of the four corner posts are not touching the ground because they are rotten.  Fun, huh? 

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