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Friday, June 12, 2009

Female Stuff - Fantasy Dream

To share how far gone I am in this whole house thing. I had the BEST dream last night. In it found a friend to help me re-do my bathroom. The dream consisted of me learning how to measure things, how to install the vanity, put up a level mirror, move the toilet and install and new one. Seriously. This was the BEST DREAM EVER. I woke up so happy. Did I tell you that he also owned a Re-Use store that had used old house parts in it? I distinctly remember oohing over the milled pillars to replace my front porch's unglamorous 4 x 4's with. The only down side was something about his family was wierd. (wait, aren't all dreams technically about a part of yourself?) But I didn't really have to deal with them. I could just shop for Old House Parts and then help my new friend install them. Boy, just writing about this is making me a wistful and happy. Sigh.

Kids - Middle School graduation

In the 1970's when we transitioned from middle school to high school, we just went to a new school. I guess things are a bit different in big ol' 2009. Last night Rose graduated middle school. Repeat: Middle School. There was pomp, there was Sister Sledge "We Are Family" there were circumstances. There was alot of money spent! Hopefully not mine, but I am sure it was. Student pictures, flashed on the stage screen, 14 year old girls teetering on dang high heels (really, really high), our daughter lookin' 20 years old walking to receive a diploma and flowers. The head of the school gave a little bio of every student, EVERY ONE and they were full of insight and humor. But it was a blast. In particular, loved the student speeches. The second was delivered by one of Rose's spunkiest friends (always takes my parenting decisions on as a point of argument) and among other things, she called out every girl clique at the school. There is nothing to disempower a group as to make it public and give it a name. Good job, Ms. CB. I remember cliques in school as silent and deadly.... like our old dog Sophie's rear end gaseous explosions. Parents didn't know, administrators and teachers could do nothing, students were ruled by their spoken or unspoken codes of conduct. But you take one strong gal with brave and clear words to speak up... and poof. They are all diminished.

Female Stuff - Procrastination II

Good lord. Another day at work and another day I am sitting here procrastinating. OR, I could look at it that I am not procrastinating on typing on the blog. So technically I am doing what I should be doing.
There, all better. Talked myself right out of that little conundrum.
I look at this as one more sign that I am slipping sweetly into menopause. Did I tell you I am slowly going insane? Well, I am. I am sure there is a physiological reason for it (hormones, hormones) but right now we can just say I am going insane. (Wait, would that technically be "sweetly" if I am going insane?) Just ask the kids. One minute I am all irreverent and light, and the next minute I am swearing there will never NEVER NEVER be another lego brought in the house with my hard-earned dollars. Did I say I said that? Well, I more yelled it, with parental crazy anger behind it. This is tantamount to me saying we will never have milk and bread EVER again at home. Or I will never let my son breathe fresh air again. And the reason? Son chose to build legos rather than get dressed and ready for school. Can we say over-reaction?
(me, not him)
It shall be such a joy to be going through this as my daughter has just turned 14. Won't we be a splendid festival of hormonal atrocities waiting to happen? Do other women go insane? I don't remember my mom going insane, but maybe that was because I was a teenager and not paying attention to anything but myself. Hmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oregon -

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oregon - somewhat bland photos

These are mostly memory triggers as opposed to loveliness in a two dimensional format. These are all white appaloosas with spots all over themselves. I noticed this breeder last time I was through here. Hey gal with the white spotted horse, this one is for you!
I truly love this place. Oh yes, looks very, shall we say, humble? It is the Skyhook Motel in Mitchell. Super extraordinary kind owners Becky and Dennis have had me as a guest for about 18 years now. I have watched the gradual 'remodeling' of the place, and stayed in every room at one time or another. They keep it super clean with homemade doilies and homey touches. The building is transplanted from a town that used to exist on the Columbia River and was flooded out-- Vanport, a hastily-built town located between the Portland city limits and the Columbia River, which was built to house shipyard workers during WWII. So I am combining a couple of my fave things : kind folks and history when I stay here.
Along the Columbia River are orchards upon orchards that supply cherries and apples. Here the old trees are gearing up for another season. I think I took this pic to show me how they pruned their trees, since I have old orchard trees on my property.

Oregon - ghost tales

Having uploaded all my pics finally from the trip, I will slather this blog liberally with them.

The first set is the ol' house the town of Mitchell hopes to (perhaps) turn into a museum. This house looks like it needs even more work than my house... and it is still for sale. If anyone buys it I will donate labor to help you fix it up!

The second is a pic I took on my evening walk of a building that is supposedly haunted. It is the thing way in the background. Not that I am believin' these stories but I was by myself, it was dark, and the building was off the main street, and Creeping Me Out. I had not heard these tales, but when I took the pic there was no cat near me (and it is front and center in the pic) We all know how terrifying cats can be.
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