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Monday, November 5, 2012

House Dreams - Literally dreams about housing

Blue Shoe Farm
Well, I can tell brain recovery is almost fully done... I had a house dream last night.
In real life I am dealing with a finite budget and two or three (or five) to-do things on my list that are somewhat crucial. 
1. My post and beam support system is "fair" to failing.  Repair cost : $5-6K.
2. The upstairs bathroom is nearing the two year mark of completion.  Should probably finish that. Cost $2-3K.
3. My south wall siding has failed.  As in water pouring in when there is wind plus heavy rain so that the angle of rain just shoots straight behind my vertical siding, runs down behind it to the inside of my room. Not where I want rain. Drizzle or rain with no wind do not cause water infiltration, just with the addition of wind.  And what is the fall season? Wind and rain.   
So last night I had a dream.  I sold the farm. Rapidly, so fast I didn't even get to tell my wonderful neighbors, but already had a plan to invite them over to the new place. That I also bought rapidly. So rapidly that there was still furniture in it from the previous owner.  But let me tell you about this house.  A house in a development with an acre on each site.  Everything new and working and not needing repair.  An open kitchen with seating area, a studio outside with skylights and tons of built-in bookshelves. Matching trimwork and molding throughout. It was all beautiful and fit us. No plumbing, electrical or foundation issues.
While we were in the kitchen a group of boys Wilder's age walked by with bikes and baseballs.  He went out to meet them.  I thought : Golden.  Tons of boys for him to play with.  I was outside moving things around when another neighbor walked up.  He welcomed me and said he was the volunteer community somethingerather... his job was to make sure everything was according to the community covenant.  He told me the fridge left by the previous owners next to my garage would have to be moved soon.  That is when I froze and wondered what the hell I had done.  I moved into a place where you have to have your yard a certain way with only approved plants.  Your house has to be painted in a certain palette. Can't leave cars in the driveway. The horse trailer would be banned.
I immediately wanted the farm back.
Good thing it was just a dream.
Development housing.  Level and to code and no issues. Sigh. Is there something wrong with me that this gives me the heebie jeebies? I think so.

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