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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow is finally here!

We have been told every day we would get pummeled with tons of snow... but until this morning we had nothing.  It has been snowing since the wee hours and is lovely!  I will post pics as soon as I bundle up to go out and take some, however I got a kick out of this video (sans the Tijuana brass band soundtrack).  Here in the NW we kinda have a reputation of sucky snow driving.  (For full disclosure, this is on a hill).   Where most drivers fail is they drive the same in snow, as they do in rain or sun.  That means quick starts, quick stops, and if something worries them (snow on hill!) they go a slow and uneven speed, or sometimes stop. On a hill. With ice. With traffic, In the lane of traffic.  Which basically means they can't get up a hill.  It is all unimportant however... because we are going sledding!!!!!!

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