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Sunday, January 25, 2015


The 24th of January.
I was cleaning the house intently.  Hanging pictures on the wall of the living room. 
My partner WG walked in the living room. He mentioned I didn't answer a question he asked of me two weeks ago. 
The question he wanted to hear was an answer I gave to my ex.  Dennis had asked if I was going to marry WG. 
I had told WG about being asked that.    And then we started talking about something else.   

On this day WG again asked what I told Dennis. 
I walked across the living room to where he stood.  If he wants to know my answer - there was something he had to ask.  
Me: "Then ask the question".
WG: Will you marry me?  His voice kinda skipped. (Very unlike him to lose his voice.) 
Me: "yes".  

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