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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Horse Fencing. Again.

When will the fencing saga end? Probably not as long as I have horses to contain.  The Red Brand fencing I put in last summer is magnificent.  Neighbors dogs cannot have access to the horses, bunnies can't even get in.  I haven't seen the deer hop it either, to graze with the horses.  The clincher is that I need to have an electric hot tape running the perimeter.  "The grass is greener"... and my horses are leaners.  So I spent way too long electrifying another section.  I know the fence works because I wasn't being careful, zapped myself, screamed, the horses both jumped (I am not usually a screamer), and then I swore that my finger was permanently damaged. It wasn't, I am fine, if a little over-dramatic... but this is not the electric fence of my youth! 

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