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Friday, March 12, 2010

TV - Being Erica

Since moving to the boonlands, we don't have tv reception. I refuse to pay for cable, since TV IS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE THAT IS WHY WE HAVE TO ENDURE COMMERCIALS. Okay, off that bender.
So we watch tv on the computer on hulu. We have found some fantastic shows. Rose and I watch "Being Erica" a canadian produced show. Geez Louisey we love this show. AND I feel like I have a mini-therapy session every episode. Who needs therapy? You just watch this show and learn from Dr. Tom. Who I have a minor crush on. Sigh.
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Random - and yet again -Procrastination

I have book material due to a publisher on Tuesday. This Tuesday the 16th. So what am I doing? Writing about how I am not working on that. Writing about how I cannot write on that topic but somehow can blather on about procrastinating on not doing what I 'should' be doing. Talked with Ma this morning for two hours. She doesn't know it yet but I am coming out to Michigan when she has her second hip done. I am not sure I helped with the first hip, but I felt alot better being there since I knew she was fine. And she was seriously drugged up. I am not sure the kids along was a help.... but they had a blast, too. Talked to my aunt and uncle this week. They are snowbirds and head down to Fla. every winter. Except this winter was 'winter' down there, not the usual balmy insect-infested sand in your underwear Florida. They told me they saw a plane crash in the Gulf of Florida. That was wierd news. How being near tragedy is almost like seeing a movie star. There was almost gushing going on. I got the blow-by-blow of every detail.
I know when I saw the Coast Guard accident off of Vashon Island that killed a young man, I was probably gushing. It is so out-of-the-ordinary.. and both these times there was really no reason for the deaths. They were both accidents that came out of 'showing off' - one with a Coast Guard boat, one with a former military training jet that was doing tricks too close to the water. What a sad way to pass to the other side.
Still procrastinating.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feisty - I apologize now

I can't figure out if having a credit card like this would stop me from spending.... or make me spend more. Since there would be an implication that my spending was condoned from above.
Just for your info - these are called "classic Jesus" and "cool Jesus" I just know whenever I look at the card with cool Jesus I crack up. Is that an iced latte or some sort of fruity drink?
I figured it out. Only "classic" would stop me from spending, since he looks like he is gearing up for a lecture, and that can't be good. Cool J would lead me to overimbibe in iced coffee drinks.

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