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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bathroom challenges

Bathtub replacement.. in thinking stage. As in, we need to figure out how to do it right.

A tight fit.

Crawl space work. Looks fun, no? This is an incomplete shot of the "as is" plumbing in the side attic.  Steve the plumber questioned whether the knob and tube wiring he found running next to and on this mess was live. Good lord I hope not. That is not on my to-do list! 
Plumbing detail we have to move.  Steve is going to move the whole works and make it accessible to the crawl space, so if there is a problem, we don't have to tear out our bathtub surround.  

Our new tub is exactly replacing our old one, albeit with the faucet on the other side.  See that wood lip on the left side...part of the tub frame ?  I did not want the drop in tub look with the marble or tile rim, I wanted a smooth non-fussy look on the side.  But I have to have a little lip, so need to find some sort of tile that will cover that, and look good on the exterior edge. There are lots of thin tiles, but they are usually not finished on the side.  In the back of my mind I am also concerned about weight on a non-reinforced floor. But hey, they put in a tub for 20 years that didn't go through the ceiling, why would mine? 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in the home repair saddle - upstairs bathroom

Picture: A very undone bathroom.  I have not figured out the configuration of the upstairs in its early days...this bathroom was added in the 80's, somewhat haphazardly. The venting is 'creative' and the plumbing serpentine and octopus-like. The tub goes in the unpainted floor area.  We added the wall to hold the tile. 

Should probably be getting into the real horse saddle because the horses are turning to jello... but all in good time. 
Javier, my reliable home repair fellow, just sent a text that he has time to work on my house.  He takes the ferry from Seattle, because I have yet found a truly trustworthy guy in Kitsap to do my dirty  handy work around the place so import my ol' reliable person.  He fits me in his schedule, since I always have things for him to do, and it seems he has time this week.   I am very sure there are competent people over here, I just have not found that "can do anything" fellow like Javier.
That means today I was running around changing my mind about tile for the bathroom, and how exactly to set the tub upstairs.  I need to focus and finish for good grief sake.
 I also have a well house with a failing roof, a chicken coop that is leaning, a garage that needs some lovin' (I just noticed the whole thing is tilting... the neighbor says we could straighten it out "in two weekends"), siding replacement/repair and the usual stupid house baseboards that need attaching.  There also seem to be random holes in places.  Oh, and painting.  Lots of painting.
But first... the bathroom.
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