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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Harbor or San Juan Island

Mom and daughter dancing to a tune on the haybale dance floor.
Whenever I look at my pictures I am reminded that I need to take the date stamp off my camera.  Well, here we are on San Juan Island.  When I was growing up we called the whole thing Friday Harbor, but technically that is incorrect as just the town is called Friday Harbor.  We were up for a big birthday party and pig BBQ and it was a blast. 

We rented a house right across from a lake resort (Lakedale) where as a young adult I spent lots of swimming hours in the warm water.  This was our fave dock, and it was obviously closed when we were there.  

These two are historic Roche Harbor, a resort at the north end of the island.  To age me, when I was a kid, John Wayne used to visit here all the time.  He was a good tipper.  Also, between high school and college I worked here as Asst. Head Housekeeper which was the ideal job for an 18 year old!

This is one of the more embarrassing pics.  These two gals noticed there was cell service at Roche, so they both got on their little phones.  My mom to play words with friends, and Rose to check her texts.  Amidst the touristy loveliness, they had their heads down.

The other end of the island has American Camp. When I was a kid this was just a big rabbit filled field, it did not have interpretive centers and houses and signs.  British Camp in the lush middle of the island had more to it. There was a Pig War in 1859 that decided who got possession of the island... the British or U.S.  No loss of life except the pig - who was raiding a garden at the time. 
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