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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Speeding Ticket, or not

I wish I had a pic of this one. It crossed my mind after to ask the officer if it was okay if I took a picture.
So, good buddy Colleen came over yesterday. We all decided to head up to Sequim to see what was up there. On the way up we were catching up and telling stories. She asked what I was reading and I went off on a tangent about "A Year in the World" by Frances Mayes. About how she seemed to have issues with large americans touring abroad, and how her language was somewhat snotty. And that her pic did not make her look like a svelte European inspired woman. She looked a bit large and american, so maybe there was a bit of self non-love goin' on. And then, the book had the most amazing descriptions about food! Things that I would not really consider eating I was hungering for late at night when reading this book! She and her husband are foodies, and she is an excellent writer about food. So Colleen was mentioning that the weight comments were more the authors issue that were shining through in her writings...
In the midst of all this book talkin' with my gesturing I saw a white police car on the left. Well, I had my cruise control on the speed limit since the truck isn't a quick and slick wee speedster, and gets about 14 mpg, so I was not worried. Next thing I know those pretty glittering police lights are pulling me over. Dang! Dang! Dang! In all my story telling I must have missed a speed sign.
And then, Rose tells me she is not wearing a seatbelt. WHAT?!?!?! Double Dang twice! I figure I am doomed.
Roll down my window, put my face on, hand the officer my driver's license. As usual, he asks in that special policeman voice "Do you know why I pulled you over...?" I said no. He said I was going 58 in a 45. I expressed shock. He said he clocked me three times. I said I did not know the limit changed. He started getting that blustery "you callin' me a liar" tone and said there were seven signs saying 45 mph . I widened my eyes and said I was certainly not doubting that he clocked me at that speed I just didn't see those signs and I was sorry. I had my cruise control set at 55. He said my tires may be off then, since he clocked me going faster. He asks for the usual registration and proof of insurance. I start digging around in my purse first. Then the glove box. I have these things because I had to change all the info when we moved. But could I find them? No. So the officer went off to his car to check my license info. Colleen, Wilder, Rose and I were tearing through every part of my purse and the car. I could find nothing. Nothing. OH GOD I AM DOOMED.
Mr. Officer comes back, and faces me in the window. I peep out at him. He turns his body to face the oncoming traffic. I remember all those accidents where police get hit by other people driving by, so I asked him if I pulled over enough for him to stand safely. He said yes.
I told him I couldn't find my registration of proof of insurance. He stood back from the window and took the grumpy police stance. "Did you know that is $550 for no proof of insurance and $100+ for no registration?!!" " Do you even HAVE insurance?!" I told him I was probably the most overinsured person he has met. He said how would anybody know I was insured if I got in an accident?? I assured him that if I was in an accident, those insurance companies are pretty savvy at finding out who is insured. And I think I said I was sorry, that I thought they were all in the car. He handed me back my license, and said to be careful and watch my speed.
I drove off with NO TICKET.
I have no idea how that happened. He did not see Rose's lack of seatbelt. (she put it on while we were sitting there).
I am still a bit stunned. That was at least an $800 ticket.

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Buffy said...

Boy, were you lucky. I had a boyfriend one time and we had a really big fight and he was so upset, while driving home he was stopped by a police officer and he told him he just had a fight with his girlfriend and the police officer let him go too. I don't know what kind of violation he did.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the way you wrote it sounds like you were playing it - "you put on your face" and as a first hand witness, I swear you were not playing at all. You were completely honest and did not manipulate him or the answers - which makes this all the more baffling because how often does someone who makes a mistake, a geniune sincere mistake, get off scott free? You are the luckiest woman I know. Good thing you were driving and not me. BTW, I think I left my tupperware, straberries and a pack of edamame in your car. So you might want to grab it and toss it (but save the tupperware please) before it ends up furry. AND I missed the ferry by 1 minute. I actually saw it floating away, and so I had to wait until 9:55 to catch the next one. Hey, thanks for my xmas gifts! And the blue tongue! That was awesome! - Colleen

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