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Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicken Death

I just read in National Geographic that I cannot call our chicken being 'taken out' by the neighbors uncontrolled dog as Chicken Murder. Murder is only defined as human oriented killing. Hence the title. I don't want anyone calling it the wrong thing. I was not allowed to post the grisly details on here about the demise of our sweet handraised black australorp Florida (Flo ) as per lovely daughter Rose. Suffice it to say, the characters in this story are neighbors, two uncontrolled dogs (pitbull mix and wolf mix), and a fat dog-friendly chicken.
We all know how the story ended. I know how my gun-totin' friends would like me to end it for the dog. This is the careful dance you do with permanent neighbors. I can throw up a fuss (which I did) and report the dog (which I did) but then I have to let it go. It is no good to pit neighbors against each other. Doesn't work very well. And, in essence, they are human and I suppose doing the best they can under their life circumstances. And we all love our dogs, even ones with issues. We had a dog that we put down in Seattle after exhausting all options of training and socialization. He was the best family dog, and loved Rose so deeply, but had been abused as a youngster and had a screw loose with strangers.
The neighbors know the ground they are walking on. I mentioned they could lose their house (some insurance companies do not insure houses with pitbulls or documented aggressive dogs.) I should note that comment about insurance went over with them like a load of bricks. Sometimes my helpful tidbits of information, are not so helpful. We can chalk that up to one of my "put a sock in it" moments.
WELCOME to my neighborhood.

1 comment:

Mae said...

Aint these the same mutts that bit Sophie (your dog) and scared Wilder? Hmmmmm. I side with the gun-toting friend and neighbor.

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