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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Click here!! Someone else's story I have been sharing with everyone who will listen

Or, if you have not heard it yet, it is because "I Never Tell You Anything". Read this, and see if you can keep a straight face. And, as I shared this with my urchins, they realized I am not the only "really weird" mom out there. Yay for me! Click on my blog title...

1 comment:

Mae said...

I love this comment the best out of everyone who answered her............ This was good

"Haha! That is hilarious. I'm sorry, but we must laugh with you on this one.
I actually had a similar experience once, except the jumping goat actually caused me to be locked in the grain bin of the barn. I dropped my shoes down from the rafters to try and knock the hook off the lock, but had to sit and scream and wait until my brother found me.
He laughed and I cried."

9:40 PM

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