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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Commuting - Don't do this in public

Rose and I are waiting in the ferry line to go home. As we wait and share her ipod which she is singing to... the fellow in front of us in the 1992 Honda Accord hops out of his car (license number 536TPR) and bends over. He pulls out a razor and begins to shave his head. All of it. It looked like he was already bald, but obviously when you are up close there must be sprigs sprouting. When our line begins going, he is holding down his ear to get those sneaky to reach hairs back there and waiting for the last minute. Obviously, I was captivated by his ability to turn a very public place into his own personal bathroom. I felt like we were standing in the bathroom with him shaving his head, and I didn't even know him. Plus, we had our cars in the bathroom with us, and trees bushes and ferry traffic. What a bonus ferry travelers behind us will have when they step out of their car and see all the hair clippings.
Today one of our most stalwart volunteers was reading a book about the blurring of public and private because of commerce. I am not sure where this falls in that, but I am sure it does.

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