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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello I have a little problem

Hi. It's been awhile. It's me, Rose here to comment, yet again on something that my mom has done. Durn. She said durn. Actually she wrote it. And it was on purpose. It wasn't one of those accidently trying to write darn and ends up writing durn kind of things. She may think she hasn't gone country but oh, she could never be more wrong. Durn does not only sound "country" but it's also not even a word AND for some reason it just really bugs me so that's even more a reason for her not to say it. I mean the durn... it just gives me little shivers down my spine, kind of like nails on a chalk board. Veeeeeerrry bad. Ok, im done now.

1 comment:

Mae said...

Gol durn it guril, you aint got the sense yer momma borned you with if a word like durn bothers ye so. Dag nab it, I otter chase you roun' the house with a switch til you get over goin' country. Like dats a bad thang. Dont you know she was try'n real hard not to say DAMN and hafta pay up $0.25?

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