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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Work - Procrastination Station - Right here

What I would rather be doing. Image Blue Shoe Farm Blog
Writing three blognotes in one day means I am procrastinating on other things. I have not written in a while on here due to the (still) active virus on my home computer, so I am never online at home. That means I get a lot of work done on the house, yard, etc, but not a lot of work done of PAID work . (I process dozens of work emails a day, call folks, yaddy-ya, etc) Due to this virus event, I have over 1700 emails waiting for processing in my inbox. I only have done 2 hours of computer time a week for the past month. That is not enough for me!
So I am behind on work, so am working on typing these little missives. Please give me the key to overcoming procrastination. I need to unlock a really really big door with it.
(Am leaving now to Go To Do Work)


Buffy said...

Thank you for visiting my site and commenting. You sound as if you too are going through some really bad poop, literally.

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Thanks Buff. I think smoke is worst than poop. But that is probably because I voluntarily got involved with the big poopers (those horses, dogs, chickens...)
You sound so stressed. I thought you were going to vacation in N. Ca.

Mae said...

Would this be one of the days you called me to talk you out of procrastinating?

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