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Saturday, August 8, 2009

House - Linden Tree trimmin'

There is a monster tree outside my side door. (See the thing looming over the house?) My ma said it is a Linden tree, very old. About a month ago it bloomed and was filled FILLED with honeybees. Love those busy little...
The tree now has a branch leaning on my roof, so last week I called tree trimmers for a quote. The first came in at $1150.00. For one branch to be taken off. In their defense, it is a large branch, and the tree towers over my two story house so they wanted to use a boom truck.
The second quote came in at $450. When I was quiet on the phone, shocked and wondering why there was such a difference in pricing, the tree trimmer said... "Ok, how about $400 and I will do it tomorrow?" Such are my pushy negotiating skills. I sit in shocked silence and the price goes down. Guess who I am hiring?


Boom Trucks said...

Surely your going to hire the 2nd trimmer with a lower labor fee. Maybe the reason behind high cost of labor of the first trimmer is that they are going to use boom trucks in trimming the tree. I guess the 2nd one do the trimming manually.

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Boom : Ended up going with the fourth quote that used the boom but was just a bit more than the original guy. Three of the four told me they would go through the roof if a boom truck was not used, due to the angle and size of the branch. that pretty much sealed it for me. I have plenty to do without roof repair.

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