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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pictures Owed - This is a painted LR floor

Three Views - painted floor. First: 7.25 " baseboard (that electricians can hide wiring behind if you are not wanting to gut your whole house) with unhung picture (I have many pictures sitting just like this one.) Second : Thought I was going to paint the floor yellow first. Blech. No yellow, but there is an addition of our cat, Linda. The wood seams are visible here. Third : Sideways view, in case you have dropped your computer monitor on its side.

I have been not good at having my laptop with my dig camera and then keeping the transfer cord close, and then the camera batteries died, and then I lost my laptop charger cord, then the camera wouldn't work, then I had to buy new batteries, then put them in backwards and shook camera, then put them in the right way, then the laptop was in my other car. (No wonder Rose says I make excuses) Finally, all the pieces were in place with the camera charged, and I got to download old pics. Here are long owed pics of my living room floor. Timeline : 1. Moved into house. 2. Pulled carpets. 3. Sent Rose to hospital with asthma attack because of mentioned carpet pulling. 4. Threw carpets out window with Geri. 5. Had naked floors. 6. Had no money. 7. Laid wood floor over subfloor in my room. *forgot to mention asbestos flooring in my room pulled up and thrown out the window. 8. Painted kids floors upstairs. 9. Pulled so many fantasmagorically insane carpet staples out of the floor that I went through two staple pullers, ripped my floor up with screwdrivers, and bled several times when I was barefoot and walking across sticky uppy staples. ("wear shoes" comments would not be helpful right now.)

I had said I did not like my living room painted. Mostly because, well mainly because I can see the wood seams.

Here you go.

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Wear Shoes

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