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Friday, November 13, 2009

Old House - New Owners

Just got an email from the new owners of our Seattle house. They sound happy, which makes me happy. I was worried they were gonna tear the house down, NOT that it is a prime example of post-war architecture in the Seattle area, just because it is a solid house made out of real wood with glass door knobs. Although I never loved that house, it made us a great home for 11 years, and I patted it on the wall and murmured thank you as I left for the last time. Well, unless you count the time I broke into our old house before they moved in because... is this a 'me' thing or what.... I left my purse in the house. The whole house is empty and hollow and echo-ey... and I leave my purse right on the counter, and lock the doors leaving them the keys to the doors sitting next to my purse.


Buffy said...

Maybe they'll think your purse is a housewarming gift.

Mae said...

Bwahahahaha - you didnt tell me that little morsel!

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