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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seattle House Sold

Something that has been lurking in the background of our lives is an unsold house. Immediately before this 'downturn' in the economy, we took out a heloc on our Seattle house. I used that to purchase this new house... okay, this new old house. Then the economy tanked, and we sat on the house for 7 months dropping the price... and dropping the price.
Well no more. The house sold. I did not think it was bothering me, but I realize it was. Now, NOW things can get rolling. I can put stuff away, I can rearrange things, I can put pictures up. I did not think I was waiting, but I must have been. Now I can clear out all the crap. Yippee yay!


Buffy said...

I'm in the same situation as you are, or were, with a home in Southern CA just sitting there waiting for the prices to go up again. Sitting and waiting for a year and a half, up here for seven months, while I'm renting an apt. in Northern CA. What is a heloc? But you had to have sold your house at a really low price. Right?

Blue Shoe Farm said...

heloc = home equity line of credit... we had a lot of equity in the seattle house (or did!) and cashed out on it... figuring the house would sell quick. HA. We sold our house for 210,000 less than it was valued at exactly one year ago. Sad. Prices will go back up, but we didn't want to wait. It is done, what a relief. Good luck on your place. You must have it rented?

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