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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home Update

Wellllll. I am alive, but not totally healthy. Figured out I got (actually the doctor figured it out) that I had a sinus infection. Those puppies take a long time to get rid of.
Have been wiping myself out. I felt so fantastic about two weeks ago that I ordered three tons of hay, cleaned out my garage, and worked on the (previously) flooded basement. The result was that I was sick for two more days, and then one month later not totally recovered.
Don came over and helped me dismantle the bathroom. I bribed him, I mean rewarded him with lunch at one of my fave places... which now I can't think of the name. Bavarian food with a great second story porch that looks over downtown Poulsbo. Also, the place that sheltered Wilder and I when I locked myself out of my car and house on a cold blustery night before he had his dreaded 4th grade WASL test last year.
Will add all sorts of dramatic pictures soon. (Dramatic to me, probably fairly uninteresting unglamorous shots of ripped out fixtures and flooring to you all. Ohhh, and rotten mystery slime around the toilet... that is a good one)
Stay healthy everyone!!!!


Mae said...

I only wish I had read this 2 weeks ago and saved myself from ...myself. I too pushed it and am now paying the price. Dearie, how many times will you and i have to learn this particular lesson before it sinks in for longer than 6 months?

Blue Shoe Farm said...

I am thinking tatoos would do it for us. We have no longterm memory for illness anymore, obviously.

Mae said...

Tattooed across our breasts, "do not push when sick" Let the men wrestle with that idea.

would we have to make it backwards so we could read it in the mirror?

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