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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Welsummer Chickens Part 2

The welsummer chickens we waited for all last summer at our feedstore arrived and grew up. Three of the six disappeared through various minifarm mishaps. Don't make me type them out loud, even though I was not bonded to them like our old handraised biddies, it still wells my heart.
Overall welsummer report :
They are loud. It cracks me up when they give the big warning hooty henny warning when I am walking across the yard. So I tell them "Shhhhhhhhhhhh ! You girls are making a racket !" and they immediately close their beaks. Smart birds.
They are talkative, they fly better than any of our previous chickens, and lay beautiful dark brown speckled eggs. Our 4.5' foot fence will not contain them and I need to clip their wings if I want them coop and yard bound. I am glad we did not have these in the city, the neighbors would not have liked hearing their incessant fussing. The wyandottes and orpingtons do not make such a ruckus.
Next on our chicken acquisition list is to get the wyandottes again. Our one hen, Lainey, would set the pace for egg laying with the rest of them and we were buried in eggs from just three girls. We have 6 hens now, and there seems to be a couple dud chickens in there for eggs.
Oh -- and only get a golden polish hen if you need humor in your chickenyard. That girl is the dumbest all around creature I have met in a long time. Plus, she just looks rediculous with her fancy tophat of feathers and a total slacker in the egg laying arena.

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