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Friday, March 5, 2010

Bubba and the Big Manure Haul

So at some point in the past gal pal and I dug and built the barn back into shape. Well, when I got sick this winter I let things slllliiiiiidddddeeeeee and the barn was not scooped out religiously as I had been doing it.
And, that *&%t builds up. And up. So I posted a piece of paper at the local feed store for someone to come out and shovel those stalls and move it to the compost bin. And that is when Bubba called. He called 14 year-old Rose "ma'am" on the phone and that tickled her. He has a new baby, no further than an 8th grade education due to dyslexia and is a rodeo man and horse trainer.
I actually thought he had somehow hit cement he shoveled that barn so smooth. (I have never seen it like that) AND the man never broke a sweat. Makes me feel old. I break a sweat just looking at the manure fork and wheelbarrow. Love the cleaned out barn, however! He even swept my porch. Wow.

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