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Monday, May 3, 2010

Habitat for Humanity - how to put up siding sexily

Quick post.
1. Went for my first session of "how to build a house" so I can volunteer. Actually, just want to have those basic skills, practice them in a safe supervised environment, and then help build a house!
2. This is a specific class "Women Build" , all gals, I guess so we don't get all quiet and female-y around the "take-charge" men.
3. When I went to check in, the front desk gal at Lowes, where the class was being held told me I was early and I should go "look at some pretty flowers" while waiting.
4. The fellow leading the class asked me how old I was in the 80's to use as an example of black mold. (I guarantee my age has nothing to do with the prevalence of black mold in modern housing)
5. I can't stand any of that shit. How old am I? Go look at flowers? Argh.


DirtyKSmama - Nikki said...

ha ha ha! I'm with ya! When I'm in house-building mode or project mode, I want straight talk like the guys. And I love to landscape and garden, but instead of flowers I'd rather go look at tools or price materials for future projects to kill time.

Mae said...

Bwahahahahaha - did you see any pretty flowers?

Mae said...

So now you have the skills to build the lean too we were talking about yesterday.

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