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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you have any good fridge recommendations, let me know. The other day I had some leftover soup I had put in the freezer. It tasted... "interesting" not bad, just a bit different.
About a week later I reached in the freezer and pulled out a bag of (formerly) frozen vegetables, squishy, leaking, somewhat luke-warm. Did a minor swear and started poking at the rest of the stuff in the fridge. Most things were still rock solid frozen. Thought.... "hmmm, maybe the kids left the door ajar a bit."
When I got home from work on Sunday, Dennis was dropping the kids off. He politely informed me that a cat or dog had went pee on the entry way carpet. Then, we noticed it was not animal wee-wee, but refrigerator wee-wee. As in, the fridge was no longer cooling. Our fridge is now located in our camping coolers. And last night I cooked all the meats, so we will be set with eating the leftover halibut, salmon, bacon and kalbi beef. I didn't want it all to go bad...

I just know my hot water heater is next. The upside of that is that it would ruin everything in the basement I have not yet unpacked that is in boxes on the ground. All that water damage would let me throw it all out without looking at it, or having to put it all away.
And have a clean basement, like the day we moved in.

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Buffy said...

Free frig. for your old one through your electric co. Tried that? I got one. It's about a 19 ft. Hotpoint or GE. Forgot. It's in my ranch in So. CA. If you go shopping for one, look for brightness inside. Different bulbs, where the light is placed. It makes a big difference. I had a Whirlpool or Hotpoint for over 20 years. Just me using it though. Great. I believe the friges with freezer on bottom use more electricity. Side by side also. Check those two last points out. Things may have changed by now with the new technology. I went through buying a new water heater, exchanging my frig. for a new one and replacing heating/air all within a year or two. When it rains, it pours. I was all set to go on a vacation, or at least seriously thinking of going, when I stepped out of my van and noticed water running out of the enclosure in my carport where the hot water was enclosed. Well, there went the vacation (at least for a few months). I got a 40 gallon which was really great. (Also in my ranch down in So. CA). I could shower and do dishes and still have hot water. It's only for me though. With kids, maybe bigger would be better. Although I remember my parents only had a 40 gallon tank. Seemed good enough back then for five people, but maybe now not...
Good luck. Take care.

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