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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ready for a new week of dust

I have been strangely silent on my house stuff going on.
That is because I was eternally pissed of the sideways progress made, then it snowed, the power went out for three days, then we had thanksgiving, then other stuff happened, and here I am, a much wiser calmer homeowner.
Tomorrow I have the plumber coming to finish up his work.
Please pray for me to be gracious, kind, and not tower over him with my cranky but sweet NW passive aggresiveness. Actually, it may be better to pray for him.
I will be shoveling horse manure tomorrow from stall to compost pile. It should do me a world of good.


Buffy said...

It can be very stressful when a contractor or handyman comes to your home to fix something and you see it could be done better or in a different way. You don't know how they will take your suggestion. I remember those days and dread buying another home and looking for someone to help me do things that needs a man's strength or his tools. Other than that, I'm glad there's no one else around once he's gone.

Good luck with his visit.

mae said...

you and Rose are so pretty here!

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