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Friday, July 29, 2011

Left turn.

This is a little out of the ordinary. On Wednesday I had a stroke. It is Friday, and I am home, but I am not sure how frequently I will post for the next couple weeks. I will however, be reading all of your blogs to keep me entertained!


Jayne said...

Oh my, I bet that was scary for you. So glad you're back home and doing well. Take it easy for awhile.

Jayne said...

Also, I read your profile and I am pretty sure we're soul sisters--I also had a crush on Gene Wilder, and we like all the same movies and tv. :)

ps: My word verification was oventroll. haha

Buffy said...

Whoa, you had a stroke? Tell us all about it. Are you able to move all parts of your body? How are the kids? Animals OK? Take care.

Erica said...

Whuh?????? Hope you are doing okay! Let me know if I can do anything to help. Take care of yourself!

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