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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some eating projects...

Rat cookies, calamari and one delectable strawberry thingie, these are some of the goodies my kids have been eating. Okay, the calamari freaked them out a bit. The last pic is me and Rose... me with my new haircut that chopped between 6-12"" off my hair. Tomorrow: some updates on home projects. (I finally found my camera again!)


Linda said...

Love the strawberry, like the rat cookie, and I can barely look at the calamari!

You and Rose look great! I'm glad you found your camera

Karen Anne said...

That strawberry thing is a work of art. You guys look great.

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Thanks gals! The strawberry thing was in a restaurant, and that is not a photoshopped picture- I think it was a white chocolate mousse.

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