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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RED farmhouse - preliminary

My painter is coming over to do the preliminary assessment for painting the farmhouse. I won't have a two-tone house anymore, which I am sure will make the neighbors happy.  (Not that I ever succumb to doing things for the neighbors...).
I was walking the perimeter the other day and noticed the south wall siding is gapping.  I did not replace this stuff, it is old and cracked.  It was not as bad as what I did replace, but getting close.  And now that the foundation settled, it moved and separated even more.  My friend Simon recommended that I let him send over his two carpenters to re-side the rest of the south wall.  I still have a paint job and bathroom to fund, so south wall siding is not in the budget.  As appealing it is to just take care of it. Oh, and a kid going to college next year.  So my house budget is going away rapidly....

The color chosen was found on here
Image from
I have already painted the new gable end a version of this color, but I picked a more buttery trim color.   Now I am just undecided if I am going to paint my garage and barn this color....considering Eric is due in one hour, I better decide!
The soon to be red farmhouse.  
Gee, I will have to change the blue farmhouse picture on my blog. I better plant some sunflowers quick!


Buffy said...

...and change your name to Red Shoe Farm?

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Ha! The Blue Shoe is for the horseshoes I found on the property that I promptly spray-painted blue... maybe I will have to paint those red, too!

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