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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring break with the kids.

This week I am taking the kids to Kauai.  I have never vacationed in a tropical place (generally I piss and moan if it gets above 78`), we usually go no further than Seattle or Oregon for vacation but this year I thought -- what the heck!
Rose is almost graduating, I am somewhat bucket-listing my life of late, and endless years of endless friends going and loving it have taken their toll. I bought the tickets, rented the vacation house and the mid-size Ford. 
I will post pics.  Supposedly, according to my son, we are zip-lining.  That means I will be laughing and screaming in terror and probably need to be wearing some sort of urinary accident protection.  Too much information?     I won't share pictures of my tonsils as I scream.  


Buffy said...

Have lots a fun!

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Thanks, Buffy!!

Anonymous said...

if there is an accident, I'm sure it won't be the first, or the last for many who try zip-lining. Relax and have fun!

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Anon : Yeah, I don't think I will be the only... and thank you, I shall relax and have fun!!

Mayfair Mistress said...

The weather will be perfect this time of year, and zip lining is surprising un-scary. Have an amazing trip, and wave at Oahu for me as you fly past (born and raised!)

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Ah, sounds good. I know once I am moving on the line it will be fine... It is the nervous adrenaline before hand that will do me in. I'll wave at the beach--lucky Oahu gal! I bet you have great stories of growing up.

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