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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Crazy weather, anyone? This winter has been the wettest on record. It didn't dawn on me until we had four sunny days...and I was so happy! The grey can be draining.  
It has been a while since The farm is plugging along. Older horses, full flock of chickens that are burying us in eggs, grass that is growing, flower beds with lush weed starts percolating up. Throw on top a teenager, new husband, high season at my job and I am not necessarily leading a calm life. Etc etc. at some point we need to come to the conclusion that I enjoy a little overwhelming nuttiness in my life.  
The house is doing dandy... Well, other than this (drywall cracking)

And this (stair corner settling and cracking) 
But it is all to be expected when our foundation was leveled and strapped down three years ago. I also have a ceiling light that we cannot figure out why it does not work. Hold up, for how long??? Oh yeah. Three years. Three years I have had electric wires hanging out of the ceiling in my entry way for that inoperable light. In some ways I think if I type it then I will deal with it. 
I've been busy. It became invisible. It is on our to do list!  

1 comment:

Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

I'm totally sick of the rain too. We have outdoor projects we want to do!

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