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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi from the Web Masters

Hello world! My name's Rose and I am with my friend Nelly. I was bored today so I decided that I should make a post on my mom's blog. I have been (believe it or not) reading my own mom's blog that I technically made. >:3 (that little... thing is from Nelly). Moving on, the only blog I have is a school blog where I can post absolutely nothing and I'm to lazy to make another one. If you haven't noticed my mom is a whole lot better at writing than I am and I was not even aware of that until she made this blog. She work at a museum and she does write articles every months and grants and all that jazz. I suppose that I should have figured out that she was a decent writer but it never even occurred to me that she could even write (not that I can do any better...). Whatever, not important. So as she told you before I made her whole blog. You probably know that making a blog is pretty easy, but when your making one for her it gets pretty hard. She was half asleep so she was changing her mind every five seconds, it was ridiculous/funny. Well I shouldn't take up to much space (it's her blog, not mine). Bye bye!

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