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Friday, November 28, 2008


OK. All you T'lighters or T'hards: This one is for you.
How truly could the Cullen kids ever go through high school over and over and over and over .etc etc etc.
Would they not want to contribute to the world in some way? By the time they got through that many times, you would think they would be ready to solve some big global issue, perhaps Edward could do some science oriented solutions for the world? So all you really need as a vampire is to suck blood and find your lifemate and then... boom. That is it? BORING. Could we please put a little thought into this? I am very concerned about their lack of global thinking. What is wrong with their educational experience that they could just look bored and beautiful and then at times hungry?
And, what DID Bella tell her Dad in Phoenix after hurting his feelings by leaving Forks so suddenly.
AND, what was wrong with filming in Forks and giving them the money? Because it is not as picturesque as the Columbia River and other Oregon locales. Let's be realistic. It is Forks afterall. Bella is not exactly supposed to be happy to be there originally.
I must say, however, that I highly recommend googling Jasper, Laurent, and James. Shirtless pics are popular for young heartthrobs. And, I was looking them up for Rose, BTW, not me. I barely noticed, since I could have probably given birth to any of them had I gotten pregnant at a young age.

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