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Monday, December 22, 2008

Key Things and new Neighborhoods

Here it is an amazingly beautiful day. The snow is heavy on the trees, the sun is trying to peek through. Maybe this will be a forced dramatic pruning of our many fruit trees. The poor things have not been pruned in a while. I say that is jest, I don't want the branches to be breaking off those giants. The birds are getting fed chicken feed, since I ran out of birdseed. They don't seem to mind. It is better than bread. My house is a mess, I feel like we will never quite move-in. The garbage and recycle have not been picked up in two weeks, my garage is the waiting room for all the extra. I am such a well-trained recycler I could not even imagine throwing away a piece of paper. Neighbors and I would joke that when we went camping or traveling to somewhere that did not recycle, we would pack and take home our recycling. That is just crazy to me. But, we do it. What a strange and non-reckless life we lead here in the NW. When going against the grain is (HORROR) not recycling. I should not make light of this, our little neighborhood friend told us where the meth house used to be and what boys beat up what other boys. It has been such a long time, and I have been so citified(cityfied?) the thought of boys beating each other up seems antiquated. Where is that bully curriculum when you need it? I am thinkin' these kids missed that crucial lesson, or their parents believe otherwise. The meth house is another thing altogether. That is an issue that our society will be dealing with for a long time. It can absolutely destroy people.

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