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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Old dogs can learn new tricks

Hey. It is the day before my birthday, and I have learned two things. I feel so glowing and proud. I actually will say I learned three things.
1. When I am driving down the road, the odd numbered houses are always on my left.
This may seem like utter nonsense to you, but it reads like golden gospel to me. And yes, I realize it makes no sense. Let me bask in my undeserved knowledge.
2. I can't remember this one, but will ask daughter Rose tomorrow when I see her.
3. I think I am getting early onset alzheimer's because really, I just learned my second new exciting thing about 4 hours ago. There is no reason for me not to remember it, since I am remembering I learned it and that I am excited about it, but not really what that was.

And BIG news on the old farmthing. We have a guest coming for the winter. He is large, handsome and makes my heart go pitter pat, especially when he nuzzles me in recognition. Get your mind outta the gutter. I am talking one of my all time favorite horses who stayed with us last winter when I was deciding if I even wanted a horse full time.
I decided i did need that horse so got lovely Mr. Bey and gave back Strider to his owner who only let me have him 4 months. Strider is coming back for a while! (he is the one in the blanket, Bey with the spotty rump)
On the house to-do list front... this just made my fence replacement project a big ol' priority, since it is a wicked mess out there. Good enough for Bey temporarily, but not for two horses.
Dang, and tonight I just found a lovely used furnace to replace my old biggie. That will be my next topic. FURNACES.

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