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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Sick

Fell asleep at 8 pm on Saturday, woke up on Monday morning at 7:30. That was a doozy of a bug. I don't recommend any of you get it, so stay healthy, wash your hands, stay away from my little sneezers and coughers. (What do I always say over and over and over to them........ Wash Your Hands, Cover Your Mouth When You Cough) I know that will be deep in my children's pysche when they are big 'uns, but boy, right now, it seems like I am talking to a snot-filled wall.
Stay healthy everyone!! Don't be around me!! And it is sweet that I have friends willing to drive to the ferry, sit on the ferry, drive off the ferry, drive to my house, just to bring me a cup of broth/o.j. or somesuch. I am really not that far from either neighbors, drive-through coffee, or a store.
An upside? If you are addicted to coffee, the forced 36 hour hiatus will knock that craving right out of your system.
Photo - Wilder at the Best Corn Maze Ever. A giant Washington State located between Everett and Snohomish.

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