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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Compadres & Kids - and whiskey voiced women

We shall title this first photo: Chief Seattle's Revenge.. the Casino

And the second glam shot is me quickly photo-ing the ultrasound machine at the doc's office

Called the kids dad this morning to tell him how to plant flowers. Sigh. 48 year old man... does not know how to put a 4' square plant in the ground. Just one more learning episode for him, I expect great results and a stunning garden at his place. When I began talking he said "Whoa, have you been drinking whiskey and smoking all night?" I have one of those colds that starts in your vocal cords, so your voice sounds nothing like it usually does. Note: I am a lame drinker, we tease that I am a "cheap date" since I rarely finish a glass of wine or beer. The cold came from the kids, who sweetly shared it with me after they were sick all week. My mantra of " I Will Not Be Sick" obviously did not work.
The pic of the ultrasound office is my little moment of "I am now aging" . How many years did I push this body of mine and ignore what it was saying back? I don't get to ignore it anymore, it starts yelling at me and so do my doctors. I may just be one of those cranky, eccentric, stubborn, know-it-all women as I grey. Yay! When I was young, I used to want to live in the south, just so I could be eccentric when I age, and have it be socially acceptable. Now as I age, I don't give a rip if I am socially acceptable (oh, and how this bothers my daughter!!). I am going to start the eccentric older lady club of the NW. All you need is an opinion that you are willing to argue about endlessly (and there is no requirement that it is based in fact... or "correct") and willing to listen to other people argue their points without resorting to physical violence or throwing things. And no yelling. I think throwing butter cookies or shortbread would be fine, however. I like those.

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