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Friday, June 12, 2009

Female Stuff - Fantasy Dream

To share how far gone I am in this whole house thing. I had the BEST dream last night. In it found a friend to help me re-do my bathroom. The dream consisted of me learning how to measure things, how to install the vanity, put up a level mirror, move the toilet and install and new one. Seriously. This was the BEST DREAM EVER. I woke up so happy. Did I tell you that he also owned a Re-Use store that had used old house parts in it? I distinctly remember oohing over the milled pillars to replace my front porch's unglamorous 4 x 4's with. The only down side was something about his family was wierd. (wait, aren't all dreams technically about a part of yourself?) But I didn't really have to deal with them. I could just shop for Old House Parts and then help my new friend install them. Boy, just writing about this is making me a wistful and happy. Sigh.

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Buffy said...

Owning something that needs soooooo many repairs is not for me. Yet, there still needs to be the necessary upkeep. Love not having to worry about that since I've lived in an apartment. But, there's no place like a home.

Thanks for the info about the channels still getting on-line. That's why I waited for today, so I knew they'd all be on-line.

Good luck with your hook-up. Let me know how yours came out. A lot of it depends on where you're located from their transmitter. One of the stations are telling people that they are going to raise their tower so you get better reception. I guess we'll start hearing all the fall-out over this transition. I'm sure it won't be pretty.

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