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Friday, June 12, 2009

Kids - Middle School graduation

In the 1970's when we transitioned from middle school to high school, we just went to a new school. I guess things are a bit different in big ol' 2009. Last night Rose graduated middle school. Repeat: Middle School. There was pomp, there was Sister Sledge "We Are Family" there were circumstances. There was alot of money spent! Hopefully not mine, but I am sure it was. Student pictures, flashed on the stage screen, 14 year old girls teetering on dang high heels (really, really high), our daughter lookin' 20 years old walking to receive a diploma and flowers. The head of the school gave a little bio of every student, EVERY ONE and they were full of insight and humor. But it was a blast. In particular, loved the student speeches. The second was delivered by one of Rose's spunkiest friends (always takes my parenting decisions on as a point of argument) and among other things, she called out every girl clique at the school. There is nothing to disempower a group as to make it public and give it a name. Good job, Ms. CB. I remember cliques in school as silent and deadly.... like our old dog Sophie's rear end gaseous explosions. Parents didn't know, administrators and teachers could do nothing, students were ruled by their spoken or unspoken codes of conduct. But you take one strong gal with brave and clear words to speak up... and poof. They are all diminished.

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