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Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy times

Have not been posting since I have been sick as a dog. Which is a statement I never understood, since our dogs are never sick. Does that mean that when they get sick they are so dang sick that it is worthy of our saying "sick as a dog?" I am going with that for now.
1. My fave radio show went off the air. So sad.
2. My relatives visited. My aunt had a scary case of bronchitis, I hope she is doing much better. She did not sound so great.
3. The horses are bored.
4. I got sick. Then Wilder, then Rose last night. This is a whoppin' virus/bug. Wilder and his 10 year old immune system recovered in all of 3 days. I have been sick 6.
5. Two nights ago, in the height of my ill miseries... the basement flooded. Purely human error. Nothing faulty on the houses part.
6. One more reason to Curse the Previous Owners. (CPO) When pulling all the wet crap out of the bathroom, began to work on the floor. CPO's layered sticky square linoleum on more sticky linoleum on yet another layer. And ya know why? They were covering the stains of black mold. And what is under all that linoleum? Asbestos linoleum. Although, the pattern on that stuff is 10 times more appealing than all the following layers. Think of all the strange things that were on these layers of bathroom lino over the years. The water has done a job on this floor. Curt should have a blast repairing that wood way way Way down there. BTW, Curt is the fellow I am hiring to do my bathroom installations. I am good at tearing things apart (although not without injuries) but figured I needed to hire a professional for the putting together.
6. I was called a "glamazon" by the water sucker company guy (the young men who sucked the water out of my flooded basement.) That gave me such a hoot of entertainment I have been sharing. So when I am feverish, sticky, pasty-colored and wan, that is when I get a comment on my looks. HA. Don't worry, he just was trying to distract me from he and his partners goofing off on my $84/hour tab. (It does not take two guys 4.5 hours to hook up two water suckers and drain 2" of water from a 600 sq. ft. basement, when they didn't even move anything) (There was a lot of farting around I think)(But then, I was borderline delirious)


Buffy said...

I hope you and your kids are feeling much better. Hope it's no this terrible flu going around.

Like I've said before, that old home and trying to fix it up is more than I would ever undertake myself.

About the contractors sitting around goofing off...I do this. When they start working I say, "I hope you don't mind me watching, but I like to learn how you guys do these things." I follow them around like a hawk. I talk to them nicely, give them lunch, coffee, tea, sodas, snacks, homemade cookies, etc. (no alcohol). It seems to work out well.

Take care.

Blue Shoe Farm said...

Buffy, That is a genius idea! I will do it next time. I was so sick, I was happy to have someone take care of it rather than I. But I will remember this for next time.

Mae said...

ONly problem is that if you get someone who actually works, following them around talking to them delays the whole thing. It is better to tell them that you want a firm bid for the job, not an hourly rate. Sometimes you might pay a little more that you would have hourly but at least this way you dont grit your teeth every time they stop for a smoke. Or if it hourly and you cant get around it, casually mention that you are keeping track of the time they are working because you dont pay for breaks. Who cares if they are insulted, you may never see them again. Also mention to the dispatch center/phone person that you will be keeping track of their working hours and break times so that you dont get overbilled.
When do I get so see pictures of the shirtless tree guys?

Heidi said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. How's work?
You'll rock anyway giving your speech. take care.

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